«Да се решиш да имаш дете, това означава да позволиш на сърцето си да се разхожда извън тялото»

Friendship Song – Pooh heffalump

Shoulder to Shoulder

We stand shoulder to shoulder
We see eye to eye
We dive deep under water
We jump high in the sky

We stand shoulder to shoulder
We stand side to side
When one of us gets a tiny bit tired
One gives the other a ride

I’ve never had a best friend before
So I can’t be sure what it feels like
But I think it feels more like this
I think I feel more like myself
When I’m with you

Finding, losing and finding
Losing and finding
Making a bond that is strong
Building a house for our friendship
Breathing a breath for our song
For our song

Lyrics & Music by: Carly Simon