«Да се решиш да имаш дете, това означава да позволиш на сърцето си да се разхожда извън тялото»

Little Mr. Roo – Pooh’s Heffalump

Little Mr. Roo

Reaching up for the moon
So many things you’ve got to do
And no time for dreaming

Little Mr. Roo
Let the stars shine over you
Don’t grow up too fast, too soon
Save some time for dreaming

Settle in, settle down
Let me see that sleepy yawn on your face
Close your eyes
I will love you completely and always

Little Mr. Roo
The moon shines silver over you
No one knows you like I do
And little Mr. Roo
Reaching for the moon
Don’t grow up too fast
Too soon

Lyrics & Music by Carly Simon